My Hall of Famer

Albert Einstein made physics look fun. And kind of silly. Hey smiled a lot. Forgot to comb his hair. Still, he managed to unlock the secrets of the universe.

As a student I strive for greatness. Albert Einstein reached that greatness! He was very intelligent. Of course school was a breeze for him. He went to college before he even finished his junior year in high school! Later in his career he discovered equations like, E = mc2 or the theory of special relativity. Many people believe that he has twice the amount of brain stems than the average person. He is my academical inspiration.

When he got out of college he was decorated with many degrees in Medicine, Philosophy, and Physics. Many years later he was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize.

Another thing that makes him my hero is how inspirational he is. Its obvious that he made HUGE advances in the world that motivated the way we live today. The world would be a lot different if he didn’t do the things he did.

Oh sure, he was an inspiration when he was alive. But, even though he has passed he still is. albert Einstein will live on forever in my Hall of Fame.